Watch the Black Keys Rehearse Fiery New Single ‘Go’

Watch the Black Keys Rehearse Fiery New Single ‘Go’

The Black Keys haven’t played a full show since 2015, but the band did play a short set in Nashville recently for members of their fan club as the Keys rehearsed for their Let’s Rock tour, which kicks off September 23rd in Denver.

Now the band has released footage of that show:A full take of the new single “Go,” a fast singalong that recalls the band’s El Camino anthems. The highlight? An out-of-control solo by Dan Auerbach that ends when drummer Patrick Carney breaks the tempo in half.

The clip, filmed by Reid Long, also offers clues into what the new tour will look like, featuring touring members Andrew Gabbard and Delicate Steve on guitar, and Zachary Gabbard on bass.

Rolling Stone went inside the sessions of the new album earlier this year, where the band talked about returning to the studio after their longest break ever. “It’s this magic that happens with Pat and I,” said Auerbach. “It was the same thing that happened when we were 16 and started playing, and magically, it just sounds like music. It was really awesome, having the break and then coming back and just playing with Pat again. It felt great.” Added Carney, “We didn’t think about the context of the state of music in 2019… It’s very complex and freaks me out. Are the charts important? No. Is making music with Dan important? Yes.”

The Black Keys’ tour runs through November. See the dates here.

Source: Rolling Stone


August 9th, 2019

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