The Navy Admits That Tom DeLonge’s Leaked UFO Video Is Real

The Navy Admits That Tom DeLonge’s Leaked UFO Video Is Real

For years we have been watching movies and reading books about how UFO’s exist but we have never heard our own military confirm that they actually exist. Until now.  You might recall that back in December of 2017, three videos had been posted online that showed supposed footage taken by Navy pilots that showed some UFOs.

The Navy addressed those videos and it turns out, those videos should never have been released. Officials say that those videos are in fact real and feature, “unexplained aerial phenomena.” And get this – there’s a rock ‘n’ roll connection. Rocker Tom Delonge quit his band, Blink-182, in an effort to follow his dreams of proving aliens are real – and his foundation, the To The Stars Academy is responsible for releasing one of the clips in question.

Now keep in mind that the Navy isn’t confirming that what we saw on the videos are definitely alien spacecraft or that they were piloted by aliens but the term “unexplained aerial phenomena” is often used to describe anything they can’t identify.

Source: Popular Mechanics


September 19th, 2019

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