“The Masked Singer” – Two-Hour Comeback Special Recap (11/6)

“The Masked Singer” – Two-Hour Comeback Special Recap (11/6)

After two weeks off due to the World Series, “The Masked Singer” returned to FOX last night with a two-hour special. That meant fans got twice as many performances and two unmaskings to make up for lost time.

Once again, stars competed head-to-head in song in front of a live studio audience and the panel of celebrity judges: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeon and Nicole Scherzinger. There was even an appearance by Joey Fatone, who was revealed to be the Rabbit last season. Here’s what went down:

  • First on stage was Rottweiler, crooning “Love Runs Out” by One Republic. It’s clear he can sing, and the judges were thinking he could be Kevin Jonas or a member of the Backstreet Boys. Being that his childhood heroes were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men, he’s probably an older millennial or young Gen Xer. Clue Review: Male, relation to “Friday Night Lights” but maybe not an athlete, great voice, can rock some choreography, childhood heroes were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men.

  • Next up was Ladybug, rocking “Juice” by Lizzo. Fans are convinced that she’s Kelly Osbourne covering up her English accent with a southern one, but the judges guessed everything but. Ken keeps guessing Lindsay Lohan which is getting on Ladybug’s nerves more and more each week. Clue Review: Female, good voice, might be hiding an accent, got a “best host” trophy, born into a famous family, used to drama and being dogged by the media… and didn’t like being compared to Lindsay Lohan.

  • Then Tree hit the stage, insisting she’s not a “regular tree,” they’re a “cool tree” – “Mean Girls,” anyone? She brought the audience to church belting out “Think” by Aretha Franklin. Nicole thought she could be Amy Sedaris, and Jenny was certain she’s Padma LakshmiClue Review: Female, decent voice that can reach some high notes, it’s not her first live performances, references to cooking, being on TV, the movie “Mean Girls,” jazz music and the holidays.

  • Next up was Penguin singing “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. The judges had a million ideas of who she could be, guessing everyone from Nicole Byer to Wanda Sykes to Sherri Shepherd, and then Kathy Griffin after Penguin hinted at the “D List.” Clue Review: Female, probably not a professional singer, has been bullied, reference to the “D List,” has a score to settle with a Hollywood casting director and the press.

  • Flower took the stage after Penguin, singing “Cheap Thrills” by Sia in a high-pitched voice that had the guesses guessing Shirley Bassey and Anita Baker. But then again, she might be younger, since Flower hinted that her favorite band is Kings Of Leon. She also revealed that she’s never had a vocal lesson – but she’s obviously got the pipes to be a singer. Clue Review: Female, killer pipes, can hit the high notes but has never had a vocal listen, has her finger in many pies, loves makeup, relation to “Empire” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

  • Next up was Fox, who served up a killer performance of “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At The Disco – including a full-on dance break! Ken thought he could be Jamie Foxx because he dropped the word “shazam,” and Foxx hosts the game show “Beat Shazam.” But we’re getting more of a Wayne Brady vibe from the Fox. Clue Review: Male, great voice and dance moves, natural performer, has lived two different lives – one of them being a superhero, he does his best work at night.

That concluded the first round, which meant it was time to unmask the first star. Penguin was the one eliminated and was revealed to be… Jenny’s own co-host on “The View”, Sherri Shepherd!

  • Then it was time to get into another round of performance, this time with guest judge Anthony Anderson. First up was Black Widow, singing “Believe” by Cher. She was wearing a sling the whole time, since she injured herself recently, and so did all the dancers in solidarity. Robin was certain she’s Raven-Symoné, which is what a lot of fans are thinking, too. This time, she brought some physical clues – crackers and whipped cream. Yum, but what? Anderson didn’t start off too strong with the guessing, throwing in Drew Barrymore as his guess. Clue Review: Female, great voice, lived in the public eye, possibly a former child actor, reference to a crystal ball, connection to crackers and whipped cream.

  • Next up was Nicole’s favorite, Thingamajig, who she’s now calling her “husband.” He presented gummy worms, bowties, dress shoes dipped in gravy, and an ASL dictionary as his hints before belting out “Ain’t To Proud To Beg” by The Temptations. The judges were guessing everyone from Montell Jordan, Dennis Rodman and Tonnie DeVoeClue review: Male, can sing and rap, “used to playing second fiddle,” relation to the number “4261” and an ASL dictionary,used the phrase “party on!”

  • Then Butterfly took the stage, bringing the mood in a new direction with a sweet and quiet rendition of “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones. Robin was stuck on all her references to London, guessing that she could be Leona Lewis. Jenny and Nicole thought she could be Michelle Williams from Destiny’s ChildClue review: Female, good voice, has been in hiding, has gone through a major change, “terrified by the one place I used to call home,” possibly from London, has posed in some kind of photo shoot.

  • Then it was Leopard’s turn, bringing the energy back with “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. He gave some more hints, including another hint that he could be Billy Porter by referencing “Pose” – but we’re pretty sure Porter is too big at this point to appear on the show. The judges were also thinking he could be Tyler PerryClue Review: Male, good voice, has been hounded by the press, uses his talents as an escape, possibly involved in sports, references to “flipping the script.”

  • Finally, Flamingo brought down the house with “Never Enough” by Loren Allred from “The Greatest Showman.” And wow, those high notes! Robin guessed that only “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino could serve up such powerful vocals, but Jenny guessed former Cheetah Girl and “The Real” host Adrienne Bailon. Flamingo brought an NAACP Image Award as her clue. Clue Review: Female, great voice, went from “hoodrat” to “Hollywood triple-threat,” wanted to be a doctor when she was a kid, is making a comeback after feeling trapped in her career, loves beauty and makeup.

Then it was time for the final unmasking of the night. Black Widow was the one sent home, and was revealed to be…. Raven-Symoné! Nick asked why she decided to come on the show and she said it was an “awesome” opportunity to be “the person I am in the mirror.” As for her injury, her advice was “don’t ride a hoverboard at 33.”

There’s just a few celebrities left as we reach the halfway point of the season. See who gets unmasked next week on “The Masked Singer,” which airs Wednesdays at 8pm on Fox!

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November 7th, 2019

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