“The Masked Singer” Semi-Finals Recap (12/11)

“The Masked Singer” Semi-Finals Recap (12/11)

Last night was the Christmas-themed semi-finals of Fox’s hit celebrity singing competition show “The Masked Singer.” With just a week left until the season two finale, the competition isn’t so friendly anymore – last night, there were two eliminations.

Hosted by Nick Cannon, stars have been competing head-to-head in song in front of a live studio audience and a panel of celebrity judges: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. Last night, Fox, Thingamajig, Flamingo, Leopard and Rottweiler faced off for a spot in the finals. Here’s what happened:

  • First up was Fox, kicking things off with some soul by singing “This Christmas” by Seal. He gave up some of his final clues, including that he shouldn’t be “slept on” as a vocalist. For the millionth time, the judges insisted he could be Jamie Foxx… except for Robin and Jenny, who agreed he could be Wayne BradyClue Review: Male, great voice and dance moves, natural performer, has lived two different lives – one of them being a superhero, feels underestimated in his career, he does his best work at night.

  • Next up was Rottweiler, delivering an epic rendition of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. As for his clues, Rottweiler revealed he has a family he loves spending the holidays, unveiling a present signed to “Cadence.” Jenny is certain he could be James Franco, but Nicole and Robin think he’s Darren Criss. Clue Review: Male, relation to “Friday Night Lights” but maybe not an athlete, great voice, has experience performing, can rock some choreography, reps North Carolina, childhood heroes were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men.

  • Then the season favorite hit the stage, Thingamajig, taking everyone to a “Winter Wonderland” for his holiday performance. Thingamajig revealed he’s had a rough year in his clue package, dropping more hints like achieving the “American dream” and presenting an Indiana Jones whip and hat. The judges are still convinced he could be Montell Jordan or Dennis Rodman, and Ken threw in Indiana Pacers Victor Oladipo. Clue Review: Male, can sing and rap, “used to playing second fiddle,” had a setback recently, relation to the number “4261” and an ASL dictionary, used the phrase “party on!”

  • Then it was time for Flamingo to do her thing, serenading the crowd with “Hallelujah.” She revealed that she used to sing in her church choir, and a fun fact that she was baptized in Israel. Nicole and Jenny agreed that she could be Cheetah Girl’s singer Adrienne Bailon, and Ken threw in Jessica Simpson.

  • Finally, Leopard wrapped things up, once again defying gender norms with a killer rendition of “Big Spender” by Shirley Bassey. We got a few new clues, like rose petals falling from the sky and a Slow Jams album. Ken guessed that he’s a “tall actor who can sing,” like Jeff Goldblum, but Leopard shot that down. Jenny guessed Eric Benet, and Nicole and Robin agreed he could be Seal. Clue Review: Male, great voice, has been hounded by the press, uses his talents as an escape, possibly involved in sports, references to “flipping the script.”

Then it was time for the final unmaskings of the seasons ahead of the finale. Ultimately, it was Thingamajig and Leopard sent packing. After the judges threw in their finals guesses, Thingamajig was revealed to be… NBA star Victor Oladipo! Ken couldn’t believe he got that one on the nose. As for Leopard, he was revealed to be… none other than Seal!

That’s it for this week’s holiday extravaganza, get ready for next week’s finale! Who do you think will be the big winner: The Fox, Flamingo or Rottweiler? Tune into “The Masked Singer” to find out next Wednesday at 8pm on Fox.

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December 12th, 2019

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