“The Masked Singer” Recap – (12/10)

“The Masked Singer” Recap – (12/10)

We’re just a week away from the season two finale of Fox’s hit celebrity singing competition series “The Masked Singer,” and the eliminations are going into overdrive. Hosted by Nick Cannon, stars are competing head-to-head in song in front of a live studio audience and a panel of celebrity judges: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger – and this week, T-Pain returned as a guest judge.

The thing is, the contestants are hidden in elaborate costumes – last night, the Fox, Tree, Thingamajig, Leopard, Flamingo and Rottweiler faced off for the first installment of this week’s two-night holiday special. Last week, the Butterfly was revealed to be Michelle Williams. Who will be unmasked next – and who’s headed for the semi-finals? Here’s what happened on last night’s episode:

  • First up was Fox, fueling the judge’s repeated guesses that he’s Jamie Foxx by singing a song by the actor himself, “Blame It.” T-Pain was impressed by the Fox’s swag, especially pleased by the performance since he’s featured on the original track. Besides Foxx, the judges were thinking he could be Wayne Brady or Lenny KravitzClue Review: Male, great voice and dance moves, natural performer, has lived two different lives – one of them being a superhero, feels underestimated in his career, he does his best work at night.

  • Next up was Leopard, delivering his best performance yet with an epic rendition of “We Are Young” by Fun. The judges had some new guesses this week, including Eric Benet, Seal, and Ken even threw in Enrique Iglesias. Clue Review: Male, great voice, has been hounded by the press, uses his talents as an escape, possibly involved in sports, references to “flipping the script.”

  • Next on the stage was the star of the season, Thingamajig. Like Fox, he fueled rumors that he’s John Legend by singing a song by the man himself, “Ordinary People.” After melting the entire room, the judges threw out some guesses besides John Legend, like Montell Jordan and Markelle Fultz. Clue Review: Male, can sing and rap, “used to playing second fiddle,” had a setback recently, relation to the number “4261” and an ASL dictionary, used the phrase “party on!”

  • Then it was time for Flamingo, getting the judges and audience on their feet by belting out a super fun cover of “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. She referenced a Brandy song in her clue package, but the panel had some different guesses, including Hilary duff, Adrienne Bailon and Fantasia. Clue Review: Female, great voice, went from “hoodrat” to “Hollywood triple-threat,” wanted to be a doctor when she was a kid, is making a comeback after feeling trapped in her career, loves beauty and makeup.

  • Then Tree lit up the stage, out to prove her vocal chops with a cover of “Edge Of Glory” by Lady Gaga. The judges were thinking she had the skills to be Mariah Carey… but also threw in Rachael Ray as a guess. Clue Review: Female, decent voice that can reach some high notes, it’s not her first live performances, references to cooking, being on TV, the movie “Mean Girls,” jazz music and the holidays.

  • Finally, Rottweiler closed out the night on an emotional note with a moving rendition of “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi. The panel was shocked to hear Rottweiler nail a ballad – the performance brought Nicole to tears almost immediately. The judges were thinking he could be Jared Leto, or maybe Bow Wow (get it?)Clue Review: Male, relation to “Friday Night Lights” but maybe not an athlete, great voice, has experience performing, can rock some choreography, reps North Carolina, childhood heroes were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men.

Then it was time for the unmasking – the audience ended up voting off Tree. After some last-minute guesses from the judges, Jenny ended up being right. Tree was revealed to be… “SNL” alum Ana Gasteyer! Ken was shocked that he didn’t recognize Gasteyer, since they’re friends – plus, they were in “A Christmas Story Live” together!

The fun’s not over yet this week, there’s another episode of “The Masked Singer” on tonight to decide who’s going to the semi-finals – that means there’ll be not one, but two eliminations. Tune into “The Masked Singer” tonight at 8pm on Fox.

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December 11th, 2019

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