Panic! At The Disco & Weezer Rock “Frozen 2” Soundtrack

Panic! At The Disco & Weezer Rock “Frozen 2” Soundtrack

After starring in Broadway’s “Kinky Boots,” Brendon Urie is trying his hand at another musical. Panic! At The Disco has unveiled a new song featured on the soundtrack for Disney’s upcoming animated sequel, “Frozen 2.”

In the new movie, Idina Menzel returns with a new epic ballad, “Into The Unknown.” Demi Lovato covered her hit “Let It Go” for the end credits of the original movie, and now Panic! At The Disco is doing the same for “Into The Unknown.”

So if you’re seeing “Frozen 2” when it hits theaters on November 22nd, make sure to stick around for the credits. Not only will you hear P!ATD’s song, you’ll also hear a new track by fellow rockers Weezer. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly


November 5th, 2019

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