“Mythbusters” Star Jessi Combs Dies In Jet Car Crash

“Mythbusters” Star Jessi Combs Dies In Jet Car Crash

“Mythbusters” star and professional race driver Jessi Combs has died at the young age of 39. “People” magazine confirms that Combs died in Oregon on Tuesday after a “horrific accident” in a jet car. According to the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, Combs – who was widely known as “the fastest woman on four wheels” – was trying to break her own land speed record in the Alvord Desert.

When authorities received a call about a crash, the caller identified the driver as Combs. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but the cause of the crash is still unknown. Combs first claimed the women’s four-wheel land speed record at a little more than 440-mph in 2013, and then broke set a new record in 2016 with just over 477-mph.

Combs’ boyfriend Terry Madden has broken his silence via Instagram – and not just about the loss. Madden has issued a warning to the generous folks out there, who might get wrapped up in a donation scam. “Please donate to nothing,” he writes. “I know there will be people try, we are finishing the documentary as she wished and the world will know the truth and her foundation will use those funds to do amazing things in this world and make her legacy live on properly.”

  • Combs joined “Mythbusters” in 2009, appearing in 12 episodes. Before that show, she was a co-host of the Spike TV series, “XTreme 4×4” for five years.
  • ONE MORE THING! Jessi set a new women’s land speed record back in October 2013. Piloting the North American Eagle Supersonic Land Speed Challenger vehicle, Jessi rocked this thing to a 2-way average speed of nearly 394-mph. See that moment in action below.

Source: People


August 29th, 2019

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