Mike Posner Shares New Single

Mike Posner Shares New Single

[PG-13 Language] It’s clear that there’s no stopping Mike Posner. He’s back with a new single, “Slow It Down.” It’s his first release since returning to his Walk Across America after being severely injured by a rattle-snake bite.

“Three weeks ago I was bit by a f**king rattle snake, thought it wasn’t gonna be that big a deal but ended up in the hospital 5 days, 3 in the ICU,” says Posner in a statement about his journey. “Now it’s time for me to finish my walk across America, LET’S F**KING GO.”

So far, he’s walked over 2,000 miles on his trip across the country. While the obstacles he faced may have “slowed it down,” he’s obviously not quitting anytime soon.

Source: TMZ


September 18th, 2019

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