Hayley Williams Denies Plagiarism Accusations

Hayley Williams Denies Plagiarism Accusations

As we previously told you, Paramore’s Hayley Williams recently released her solo project “Petals For Armor, 1” but apparently some people think Hayley’s ideas aren’t completely her own. 

Fans of a Swedish artist have suggested that ideas and images used in the videos for songs like “Cinnamon,” Leave It Alone” and Simmer” were copied from her, but Hayley has now taken to social media to address the accusations.

“Earlier today I think an artist accused me of plagiarizing her work. I was very shocked by that accusation. And even more so because I did not know who this artist was,” Hayley shared. “I’m vocal about it because I’m proud of my influences…and she was definitely not one of my inspirations nor one of my influences for this project or for anything that I’ve ever done musically in my career.”

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February 11th, 2020

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