Elle King Drops New EP

Elle King Drops New EP

Elle King just dropped a new EP, “Elle King: In Isolation,” which she wrote during quarantine.

“So many questions have begun to blossom within me through this time of isolation,” King shared. “From the rug being ripped out from underneath to the burst of a new idea…isn’t the world strange?”

She adds, “When we think of the state of it, have we upheld the promise to love and nurture it? What is it that’s going to carry us through this time of isolation?…What are you going to do with now?!?,” noting, “ Every answer that you seek is within you. Trust yourself. Let your own light guide the way, and let go.” 

The EP is made up of three songs, “Over Easy,” “The Only One” and “The Let Go.” 

Source: Rolling Stone


July 13th, 2020

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