Ed Sheeran Open To The Idea Of A Harder Sound

Ed Sheeran Open To The Idea Of A Harder Sound

While Ed Sheeran may be known for fun pop tunes, and emotional love songs, he may be ready for a drastic change somewhere down the road. In a new interview with “The Sun,” Ed shared his love for a harder sound, and says he’s open to the idea of exploring that genre of music.

“I was really into death metal as a kid. I listened to Cradle of Filth and Slipknot and all that stuff,” he shared. “I’m not saying I could ever step into that world. But, he adds, “I learnt all those riffs on guitar as a kid. That’s something I’ve never thought about doing – but something I would not be opposed to creating.” 

  • ONE MORE THING! Ed just gave fans a new take on his latest single “Bad Habits.” The singer has dropped an official acoustic version of the track. 

Source: The Sun


July 12th, 2021

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