Burger King Is Using Moldy Whoppers To Sell Burgers

Burger King Is Using Moldy Whoppers To Sell Burgers

Burger King is hoping to change the image of its signature Whopper and they’re using a revolting new ad campaign featuring a moldy burger to do it. The fast food chain’s ad is to highlight them removing artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors from the Whopper. It shows a burger covered in mold to show it “can be a beautiful thing.”

But it also throws some serious shade to one of their fast food rivals. McDonald’s is known for having burgers that won’t rot, even after decades – there’s a 25-year-old Quarter Pounder in Australia that still looks fresh thanks to all the preservatives in it. BK’s ad is a time-lapse video showing a Whopper that’s the opposite of that, as it grows mold over time because it’s real food that contains no artificial preservatives.

Christopher Finazzo, Burger King’s President for the Americas, says this new version of the Whopper is now available in Europe and 400 U.S. locations and “will reach all restaurants throughout the year.”

Source: USA Today


February 20th, 2020

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