Billie Eilish Surprises Deserving Super Fan

Billie Eilish Surprises Deserving Super Fan

Bilie Eilish just made the day of one of her biggest fans. The singer surprised a 16-year-old fan named Marissa on Radio 1’s Capital Breakfast radio show.

Marissa is the caretaker for her diabetic mom and her brother, who deals with severe learning disabilities, and opened up to the show about how Billie’s music helps her escape from the pressure of her life. 

“Her music is the type of thing that whenever you’re down and depressed and you’ve had a long day, just go into my room, lie down in my bed and blast up the volume,” she shares. “I’ve seen her interviews and I know she’s had a tough life, especially going into fame. We’re very different people and we have very different lives but I can relate to her so much.”

What Marissa didn’t know was that as she was saying this, Billie was standing right behind her, and when she found out both she and Billie struggled to hold back tears. 

Source: Capital FM


February 21st, 2020

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