Billie Eilish Pulls Merch Following Plagiarism Controversy

Billie Eilish Pulls Merch Following Plagiarism Controversy

Billie Eilish has dropped a line of anime merch from her website after accusations of plagiarism. Billie had announced she’d teamed with Siberia Hills for a new merch collection featuring T-shirts and hoodies with anime girls in bikinis, but it turns out the art on the collection wasn’t original.

Some fans suggested the anime girls looked like Nozomi Tojo from the Japanese TV series “Long Live!,” while another report claimed it ripped off fan art by artist Makoto Kurokawa.

After the controversy erupted Billy quickly pulled the merch off her website and Siberia Hills admitted their mistake. “To the talented artist Mr. M_Qurokawa, we apologize for taking from your artwork for our merchandise collaboration with Billie Eilish,” they said. “Billie and her team were not aware we used your art, they just believed in the product.”

  • ONE MORE THING! Billie just dropped a live video for her track “”I Love You,” recorded at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Source: Pop Crush


August 14th, 2019

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