Bastille’s “Survivin’” With A New Tune

Bastille’s “Survivin’” With A New Tune

Bastille is back with a new single. The band just released the new tune “Survivin’.” 

“There’d been times when I felt like I’d been in a washing machine and on a conveyor belt at the same time,” singer Dan Smith shares of the feelings in the song, “but when people asked me how I was doing, the answer was always the British cliché: ‘Yep, all good, fine’.”

The band is currently working on a new album and Dan says thy are “making some of the best music we’ve ever made.” He adds, “We want to put it out now and not wait for the whole album to be done before anyone starts to hear it. This is about where we are now and hearing us in real-time.” 

Source: NME


September 23rd, 2020

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