Andrea Bocelli Praises Jennifer Garner’s Singing Abilities

Andrea Bocelli Praises Jennifer Garner’s Singing Abilities

Next week, we’ll get a different view of Jennifer Garner.

Garner will be featured on Andrea Bocelli‘s upcoming album. The actress teamed up with the singer for a duet on “Si Forever: The Diamond Edition.” The song is titled “Dormi Dormi Lullaby.”

Bocelli says that despite being close friends, he had no idea she had this hidden talent. “I came to discover that aside from being a brilliant movie and television actor, among her many talents Jennifer Garner is also a very good singer,” he says. “It is said that your voice is a reflection of the soul and the depth of your values is conveyed through your voice.”

For her part, the now singer, was allowed to cover her eyes as she sang her part. And now her kids have a new favorite lullaby. The album comes out November 8th.

Source: People


November 1st, 2019

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